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Your Feedback

We commit to keep our site updated and to improve its editorial format and quality. In addition to screening the published literature, news release and activity reports we invite all site users to notify us of updates we missed, corrections, neglected and noteworthy topics, useful content that would  support your work. On this page we will soon provide a space for your comments and suggestions that would improve some site sections and possibly create new ones.

January 2010 - AriSLA invites the opinions and comments from ALS researchers community on scientific issues and venues as well as funding strategies retained most  likely-to have an impact on ALS research and management today.  For this purpose we propose a brief questionnaire that you find attached in the bottom of this page. Your feedback will be of utmost importance for us as to define immediate/future priorities and strategies. The results of this survey will be published on this site soon. THANKS!

Please return the filled form by e-mail to

In the meantime we invite you to send us your observations on the current site outline as well as your contributions that would enrich individual sections. Dependent on the content proposed, we will publish it in appropriate section with your signature, as well as short introduction or comment if retained necessary. All your comments and contributions are welcome at

In particular we will appreciate:

  • Suggestions of novel or neglected scientific releases that should be highlighted in Featured Research and Hot Topics section
  • Suggestion for research venues of interest, both in emerging and main stream science field, that are worth particular attention in Hot Topics section. We would be glad to provide space to constructive debate by publishing suggested topics and following comments
  • Abstracts, posters and ppt. presentations that concern ALS research and have been presented at meetings or workshops can be shared with ALS research community on Featured Research pages
  • You can announce any vacancy or training opportunity in your or collaborating lab or place request for collaboration





AriSLA Questionnaire

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