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Gene Databases

ALS Gene Databases

ALSOD: The ALS Online Database is ALS genetic database  generated in 1999 initially to store SOD1 mutations along with ALS patient information to facilitate the identification of a correlation between the SOD1 genotype with the ALS phenotype. Since then mutational data contained in the database was extended to over 50 genes for which the association to ALS has been reported.  ALSOD now provides a more comprehensive knowledge base for ALS, detailing genetic, proteomic, and bioinformatics information associated with the disease. and is constantly updated by new data submission. This initiative is sponsored by ALSA, MNDA UK, MND Association  in Iceland, ALS Society of Canada etc.

References: Wroe et al. 2008, Radunovic et al. 1999

ALS mutation database: new publicly accessible online resource that integrates comprehensive genetic information and clinical data related to ALS, aimed at exhaustive collection of ALS related mutations and their relative clinical information. This database has been constructed under cooperation between Tokyo University Hospital, Tokyo University and Hitachi Ltd. The database currently consists of more than 600 entries comprising both original data from Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd, as well as extracted data from published papers. Data submission is open to all researchers and is highly encouraged.

Reference: Yoshida et al. 2010

ALSGene: a database for ALS genetic association studies developed by the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics Berlin, The Alzheimer Research Forum and Prize4Life. This resource should provide a comprehensive, unbiased and regularly updated outline and systematic meta-analyses of genetic association studies performed in ALS.

ALS Variant Server (AVS): the goal of the ALS Variant Server is to provide researchers with a database of variants identified from exome sequencing of ALS cases. These results will increase the efficiency of researchers to identify ALS-associated genes and reduce false-positives. The web site was conceived and developed by researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (Worcester, MA) and the IRCCS Istituto Auxologico Italiano - Università degli Studi di Milano (Milan, Italy).

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