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AriSLA services for researchers


Services represent a concrete method by which AriSLA Foundation offers tools to support and make more effective researchers' commitment; they are also an opportunity to improve research activities and innovative models for the development of new practices which contribute to progress in  disease knowledge.

For this reason, AriSLA Foundation in these years has directly funded so-called "extraordinary" research projects, oriented in particular to facilitate the access into facilities and technologies able to offer working tools and add value to research activities.

To start services, the Foundation avails of the collaboration  of  institutions  and  researchers with proven scientific experience in the field.

The Foundation has realized up to date:

  • a website of scientific dissemination, exclusively dedicated to ALS research - - as a tool available for national and international scientific community to consult updated publication in the field;
  • an annual scientific convention, to inform and share the steps performed by research and to compare strategies for future research development;
  • round tables, seminars and workshop to constantly update researchers.

The service of transgenic animal facility is no longer avilable from January 2017.

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